Kuantan Pahang Malaysia Best Destination for Your Travel – blirg.com

Travelling is the most exciting experience in life. We can go to some different places than our own country. There are so many destinations that are worth to try. Like for example, Malaysia. This country offers you the culture of Asia in Malaysia. Though the most people in the country holds Islam as the beliefs, this country still has sense of other religion such as Hindu and Budha. Planning a trip to Malaysia can be so much fun, and you can not only go to the rural area, but also spend your time in the town. One of the magnificent towns in Malaysia is Kuantan. Kuantan town is located in Pahang and it is the capital city. Kuantan Pahang Malaysia has population up to 350.000.


Since Kuantan Pahang Malaysia is the capital city of Pahang, so many tourists visit this place. The historical background of the town may be one of the attractions for foreigners. Kuantan is located in the east of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. You can do anything here and go to many places you have on the list. There are several locations that are really famous to visit. The examples are Gelora Park, Teruntum Park, Teluk Cempedak Beach, Batu Hitam Beach, Berserah, and restaurants or café at the side of the street. But the most famous destination in Kuantan is the beaches.

Three Famous Kuantan Malaysia Beach

First famous beach is Teluk Cempedak. This beach is located 5km from the Kuantan Pahang Malaysia city. What makes it become so popular is because this beach is the place of the royal clan in Malaysia. There are landscaped gardens and royal villa that belong to the royal clan. Overall, Teluk Cempedak has white sand beach. Along the beach you can see so many rocks and coconut trees.

The next Kuantan Malaysia attraction is Batu Hitam beach or the Black Stone Beach. As the name, this beach offers you a view of many different size of black rock in the shore of the beach. This view can be more amazing if the sun shine the rock and it will be sparkling. This is suitable for family picnic, camping, swimming, and sightseeing. The last is Pantai Cherating or Cherating beach. This beach is the most popular among the European because it has the exotic feel of Malaysia. You can go kayaking, surfing, or just watching the turtles and fireflies. Those are several Kuantan Pahang Malaysia destinations for your trip.

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