Trip to Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore –

Having a holiday in Asian country will make you feel a different trip than the one you do in Europe, moreover if you go to a country in South East Asia. The warmth of the land and the richness of the culture welcome you to join and feel the beauty. You will never be disappointed because you can really feel the moment of your trip. In Singapore for example, you can have memorable trip with your beloved family or friends since the weather is really friendly with lot of sun during the day bright. One of the beautiful destinations you must visit is Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore. In this museum you can see the collection of Asian history. This museum located in the historical building at Singapore River. The collection in the museum will tell you all about the Asian civilization.


Singapore has been known as one of the countries in the world that become the place for many people from many culture meet, including Asian. That is why, seeing the collection inside, you can know that Singapore is very rich with the culture from countries in Asia. In Asian Civilisations Museum or ACM you can explore the culture and kind of people in the region of Singapore that have settled for over two centuries. The museum is built in the ground with 14.000 square m. It has 11 galleries inside which show 1300 artefacts. The zone is then divided into four since the artefacts are also range from China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and, West Asia. The Asian Civilisations Museum opening hours is from 10am-7pm in Saturday to Thursday, and in Friday at 10am-9pm.

Asian Civilisations Museum restaurants

ACM is big enough to be explored. The four zone of the ACM shows you the ancient culture in Asia. Since the ACM is located in Empress building, you can also see the model of Singapore kingdom. If you feel tired and hungry after walking around the museum, you can go for rest in the restaurants which usually stand near the building, such as the Empress or Prive and taste the local food. The cost is cheap, the food is delightful, plus you can see the sight of Singaporian living.

The Asian Civilisations Museum entrance fee is divided by age. For kids below six, the ticket is free. For individual adult the ticket cost for S$8. For family the ticket is S$24, and special ticket at Friday night begin at 7pm-9pm is S$4. Exeception of fee is available too for visitor age 60 and over and full time student.

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