Spending Your Romantic Holiday in Phuket Beach – blirg.com

Many people are going to Phuket Thailand because of many things. Among all of those nice things, you can get the best beaches to visit in Phuket Thailand. For your information, most of the Phuket attractions that you can get are related with the beach and the sea. Therefore, you can surely get the nice holiday if you love these two things. For your additional information, many of the tourists are spending the holiday with their couple when they are visiting the beaches in Phuket since the landscape is just so beautiful. If you are interested on the same thing, then you might need to consider some of these beaches in Phuket that you can visit with your couple.


Some of the Best Phuket Beach Worth to Visit

The first one is Kata Beach. This beach is a place that you need to visit if you love to get the options for the beaches. That is because in one single coastline, you can find two different beaches. The first one is Kata Yai, which means the big beach and the second one is Kata Noi, which means the quite beach. When you are looking at the name, you can simply conclude that the Phuket attractions from those beaches are the size of Kata Yai and the quite Kata Noi. Therefore, you just need to pick the kind of beach that you want to visit in one coastline.

The second one is Karon Beach. This beach offers you one of the most beautiful views that you can get from all of the beaches in Phuket. That is because the coastline of this beach is reaching three miles with nothing to separate your horizon. This is one thing that becomes the Phuket attractions from this beach. As an addition to that, this beach is also preferred by many families and couple since this beach is considerably friendly enough for kids to play around.

The last one is Rawai Beach. This one is the beach that you really need to visit if you are going to Phuket with your couple. That is because this beach offers you the most romantic view that you can get, especially for the sunset. This way, you just need to lie around on the beach with your couple when the sun is setting under a big umbrella and couple of glass of wine. That is like a dream, unless you get the bad Phuket weather when you are visiting this beach.

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