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In Perhentian Islands Malaysia, you will get just another reason why sea, sand, beach and sun would never get us into boring. This site is the blend of naturally preserved landscape and rich ecosystem. A groups of coral-fringed islands is made it, in the state of Terrengganu, off the cost of north eastern Malaysia, adjacent to the border of Thai. In Malay, Perhentian means stopping point. It surprisingly corresponds with how this beautiful island will stop you right away once you are here. There is so much to enjoy, as this island is not another island.


Perhentian Islands Backpacking

There may be too many islands in the world, with each offers its beauty and said as one of the most sought tourism destination. But, Perhentian Islands offers beauty that is like no other. The stones are not black or grey. Here, you will see clear and beautiful stones that almost look like marble. The sea sand is white and the water is clear blue. Malaysia government both local and central do a serious tourism destination protection. Littering is strictly prohibited, which means that you will not find dirt and mess in most of the site, which eventually leads to a perfect snorkelling. Perhentian Islands snorkelling is known for its natural, wonderful under water ecosystems.

Perhentian Island is also different from other islands, because here, you would know where you should go. This island knows that travellers are always divided into two kinds; those that prefer to avoid backpacker style and those that are the backpacker itself. In Perhentian Island, you know where you should go as this island accommodates your travel preferences. Perhentian Islands backpacking is famous for its truly backpacker scene and atmosphere. Expansive caters may not available in Pulau Perhentian Kecil, one of its islands. This would lead you to a real nature adventure feel. In the other hand, if you want to feel that atmosphere of relax travel, Pulau Perhentian Besar will cater your most pampering travel dream.

Want to stay for one or even more nights? You surely can do. Perhentian Island would not stop you to let you lost. As its tourism type, Perhentian Islands accommodation is available in various choices for every budget. This is a one stop tourism destination that would let you discover both under water on those on the ground leisure. The stopping point is not only there; as each island has its own attractions.

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