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Looking for good place to visit in Thailand, how about you consider Sukhotai Historical Park tour? Sukhothai is located in North Central of Thailand. The historical park itself, you find them in the old city, however, travelers still can enjoy the new part of the town if they want to. Sukhothai offers its visitors not only beautiful temples with pagodas, but also awesome scenery with the combination of lakes, trees, and lawn. What do you think? Read below to know further about how to enjoy the historical park.


Sukhothai Historical Park Opening Hours And What To Explore

The option for Sukhothai Historical Park tour, you can do it with group or you can visit there only by yourself. Which option to choose? In fact, it is depending on your expectation. Let say that you are very interested with arts or history of Thailand, then ensure that you plan your visit by your own, therefore you can spend your time inside the historical park based on your convenience. Before anything else, you can visit the Historical Park by train, by bus, or by airplane, you pick which option that is more convenient for you.

Before setting your Sukhothai Historical Park tour, you better know that the place is divided into several zones and for each zone, there is entrance fee. The fact is, you can save more if you buy one package of entrance fee, unfortunately, it is only can be used in one day. Which means, if you expect to explore the historical park’s nook and cranny, buying the whole package is not a good idea. Not to mention, walk inside the historical park, your eyes will be pleased with striking ruin from the past. But that is not the only thing.

In order to get best offer from the historical park, ensure that you schedule Sukhothai Historical Park tour in the period of Loy Krathong that is celebrated within October or if it is not, the festival is held in November. During Loy Krathong the historical will be filled of lights, the ponds that surround the temple will be packed with floating candles. Nevertheless, there is something unique about temple that you spot there for the combination of Sri Lankan and Cambodian cultures even though basically the characteristic of temples you find in Thailand, they are mostly similar as it has pagodas and trenches as part of the temples. Lastly, the historical park commonly can be visited in daylight. Tips for you traveller in this world , maybe you can booking ticket on www.airpaz.com for get the cheapest ticket and promo go to thailand.

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