Floating Markets Bangkok Tour To Enjoy While Traveling To Thailand – blirg.com

There are many reasons why travelers around the world should consider Thailand as their travel destination. Not only the country is blessed with unique seasons, but also it has many tourist attractions, and one of them is floating market. But you know what? If you have such a plan to visit Bangkok to experience the floating markets, get yourself familiar with the options will help you a lot, since different destinations provide you with different atmospheres. Do you find that some of your friends recommend you to Damnoen Saduak? Despite this place is very popular, however, if you yearn for something more local like understanding the culture of the people, the previously mentioned is not a right place to go.


Floating Market Near Bangkok Thailand That Is Worth Visiting

Travelers who expect to meet people from around the world in one place, Damnoen Saduak is a good place to visit because that is the signature of this floating market. People around the world will gather there, in addition, the said place is pretty crowded. However, if that thing is what you are looking for, this one is a great destination. If it is not, rest assureds, there are another options for floating markets near Bangkok to visit.

Khlong Lat Mayon is another floating market you can visit to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Aside from many things that you may get there like house ware, clothing, and so on, this place is heaven for travelers who expect tasty food without paying too much. The food stalls, you find them in almost any corner of the market. Ensure to go there with empty stomach as many delicious foods await. Do you want to eat the food that you cook? Then, put into your list Don Wai.

Don Wai has its reputation for its high quality of food materials. And yes, there is nothing else that you can get there but raw food which you can cook by your own if you want to. Obviously, this is such a traveling experience you are better not to skip. In the case that you expect to experience eating the food on the boat, Kwam Riam is a floating market that worth your time. Various delicious foods you can taste there, and the price is somehow friendly. Where to go? In fact, it is not a hard decision to pick which place to visit, think about what kind of experience that you expect.


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