The Most Beautiful Malaysia Beaches That’s Worth Traveling –

Around the world you will discover plenty of beaches to spoil you, such as, beaches on Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and many more. However, you can sink the previously mentioned as you will discover Malaysia beaches with its distinctive beauty. Beaches in Malaysia shatter from west to east that you can choose while traveling there, however, let start from beaches that you can enjoy in the west;


  • Langkawi is one among other beaches to travel in Malaysia. Many of you probably familiar with Langkawi beach, in fact this beach is very popular. Beach view is not the only tourist attraction. Fine restaurants and hotels, are available there. In the case that you want to experience Langkawi from above, the option is there for you.
  • Sipadan beach, this one is heaven for those traveler who love diving. As the matter of fact,this beach is very popular as top spot for diving. So yes, if diving is part you, you better not skip Sipadan on your travel list.

Still about beaches to travel on the west part of Malaysia, then you should consider Borneo and also Pangkor Island. That said, Malaysia beaches on the east provide its traveler with more stunning view, curious what kind of beaches to travel?

  • Perhentian Island is best a place to diving, snorkeling, or to gaze around the beach to admire its beauty.
  • Redang, you can find serenity there. The water is so clear that reflecting perfectly the color of the sky, and the sand is white.
  • Tioman Island is another place that offers best beach in eastern of Malaysia.

So, to west or to east for best Malaysia beaches? You can go to the both sides, since each of the beach caters you with different experience. For instance, you want to be spoiled with luxury, good food, and so on, then Langkawi is a good idea. However, if you want a kind of environment that is peaceful, beaches on the east part of Malaysia like Redang, for instance, it gives anything that you need for beaches not only with attractive view, but the fact that you will rarely find people there, it will make you happy. But it is not like the island is empty, however, if you compare this one with another beaches, Redang is a perfect haven. To ensure that you enjoy the beaches to its fullest, when traveling to Malaysia, get yourself informed toward the best time to travel there.

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