What Cheapest European Cities To Fly Into Your Next Vacation? – blirg.com

Medieval architectures, the streets that are built with cobblestones, beautiful churches, squares, and the atmosphere of the old world, makes Europe becoming favorite travel destination all the time. Even so, getting there, it costs you a lot of money. However, it is not like you need to wait that long to travel there. There are cheapest European cities to fly into, so then you can reduce you travel cost. So, what do you think? While you do some preparation for travel itinerary to certain European countries, knowing which city as your gateway there, don’t you think it will benefit you? For the stunning beauty that you will witness while visiting Sweden, travelers on budget can visit Stockholm by choosing Arlanda airport.


The price can vary based on your location to Stockholm, however, approximately you need to spend about $755. Again, the said  price can be lowered considering your location and kind of trip that you take. And then how about Italy ? Do you think you want to experience Iceland? Milan and Keflavik are two cheapest European cities to fly into. Pick Malpensa airport to reach Milan. Milan is not only for those who love fashion, but also this city offers travelers with mesmerizing architectural buildings like Milan Cathedral and another old world buildings. Enjoy the square and feed the doves there or if you are lucky you can enjoy hard-to-forget performance. Unlike Milan with its stylish vibe, Keflavik caters anyone who visit there with a breathtaking natural setting of Volcanoes. The city is great too with their own way, and you will understand once you visit there.

Reach Milan through the said airport, you need only to spend $780. Meanwhile, when it comes to Keflavik airport, it costs you $775. However again, the real price that you may pay can be less, if you don’t pick a round-trip to visit those European cities. Looking further, the list for cheapest European cities to fly into, there are Dublin, Glasgow, Brussels, Gatwick, and more. Visiting European cities, to cut down their budget, travelers on budget will consider layover. For some people, it may be not a problem, as they consider the layover city as extra travel destination. But for those who can’t wait to reach their destination, it is impossible for them to enjoy a layover. If you think the same, this information can be your solution, in the case budget becomes your concern.

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