Travel Packing List Guide for First Time Traveler –

Travelling is a kind of activity to spend your holiday or free time. Travelling need some plan for the budget and what to be carry on in the destination. You have to have important gear, but in the same time you cannot bring the unimportant goods. For backpacker, packing is one of the important thing that they have to prepare in good manage.


If you are first time traveler there must be some confusion that you experience. For that, you need to consider about things when you do travel backpacking. Below is the travel packing list guide that you have to know first.

  1. Organize the travel document

Several important documents for travelling such as credit card, personal ID, health insurance card, frequent flyer card, and reservation and itineraries, should be collected well so that you will never forget to bring all this cards when you do the trip.

2. Carry small luggage and day bag

When you do travelling, it is efficient if you use small luggage and a day bag that you can use when you only go out for the neighborhood. Small luggage is more flexible because they don’t need a big space when you choose the airlines.

3. What to bring inside the luggage

Clothes and footwear are the first things to be packed. But before you do it, you better know the condition of your destination. This is to choose the right clothes that are suitable with the weather of the city or country. Roll the clothes to save the space inside your bag. Choose the right and comfortable shoes too. Bring your laptop or simple gadget in case you need it. Any additional stuff to bring is books, travel pillow, travel guide, camera, and many more.

4. Prepare the toiletry

The next travel packing list guide is to prepare your toiletry. Just bring the basic such as shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, sunscreen, and many more according to your need.

5. Pack your stuff

After you prepare everything, now you can pack the things in your luggage and day bag. Organize the cloth and footwear so that the left space can be used for packing your goods that you buy in the destination. To ease you, any wallet, cards, and gadget, should be put inside the day bag which you can bring with you anywhere.

Well, that is 5 travel packing list guides for you. Hope that you can prepare your own and have fun with your trip.

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