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Travelling nowadays becomes one of the most popular things to do. Many people want to go travelling because they want to search new experiences, find some good panorama, and relax themselves. Then, travelling becomes a hobby for some people. It is not really expensive, for sure. You just need to know clearly your destination as well. However, it will become little bit different if you go travelling with 8 month old baby. As we know, baby has many special things to bring. Moreover, you need to pay attention on baby’s needs or you will end up with hearing them crying. Then, this article provides the information about how to travel with 8 month old baby.


The most important thing to know about how to travel with 8 month old baby is about the baby’s need. As a parent and also the traveller, you need to make sure all the needs that your baby needs. Food becomes one of the most crucial things to bring. In travelling, you also need to make sure the baby’s food to keep them healthy. Fruit is a must for you to bring. Not only that, porridge is also needed to keep the baby’s healthy. Milk is also important to baby. The outfit is also important for baby. You have to make sure about the outfit you need to bring. Baby actually needs to wear three different outfits in a day. You can fit it with the time of the journey you want to take. You have to make sure that the outfit is suitable with the place you want to visit, for example, you need to bring warm outfit when you want to go to a cold place. Not only about the outfit, the accessories is also needed, in this case, is a baby’s toys. You have to make sure that you bring their favorite toys in order to keep them quiet in the way on travel. Pacifier is also needed, because baby loves pacifier. Disposable diapers and wipes are also the crucial things to bring. Because you need to keep your baby comfortable in order to make your journey safe.

Those are the information we provide about how to travel with 8 month old baby. Those information can you use in order to keep you baby happy while you are going abroad with your baby. Then, you have to remember one thing that your baby safe is the most important thing in your journey, so keep them safe. For a little tips , you can get cheap flight ticket on www.airpaz.com and also get the cheapest flight.

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