5 Tips of How to Travel on a Plane with a Dog – blirg.com

Travelling with your dog can bring you an awesome experience that you can share with your friend. With your beloved dog, you can go for a walk and explore the destination, do exercises in the morning and having activities together. But the question is how to travel on a plane with a dog?


Here are some tips of how to travel on a plane with your dog. They are very important if you should go with your pet on flight.

  1. Checking the health

This is the first and most important thing to consider before you go with your dog on airplane. Meet doctor to consult about your dog condition, as everybody knows that flying is sometime difficult for pets. Ask for health certification because it is needed for airline travel.

2. Make your dog used to carrier

Flying with dog means that your dog will have to be put in other cabin like cargo hold and it of course need a carrier. Practice your dog to be used to a carrier so when you fly with him, he will not get nervous or get injured during the flight. Check the carrier because it should have good ventilation.

3. Contact the airlines

This is the more difficult part to travel with your dog. You should call the airlines whether they permit dog in their airplane or not, and if they permit it, you should ask for the procedures you have to fulfill. Ask the airline the same flight your dog, and make sure that you can see him before entering the cargo and after he is out. Ask to for a direct flight so you can avoid delay and mistakes because of airplane transferring.

4. Having a permit identification

This will make you easy to know your pet when you have arrived and should take your dog with you. Give your full name, address, and phone number, if there is a case that you need to be contacted.

5. Soon open the carrier

After you arrived on the destination, soon open the carrier so that the dog will not torture inside the carrier.

Above are several tips of how to travel on a plane with a dog. If you want to go travelling with airplane with your dog, then do it. But make right plan and consult with the airlines because this is the most important part, and you probably have known that flying is sometime difficult for pets.

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